BREAKING: New Poll Has Amash Down Double Digits to GOP Challenger

Rep. Justin Amash is paying the price for betraying President Trump and the entire GOP in a new poll that shows him trailing his 2020 GOP primary opponent Jim Lower by a whopping 16%.

This comes after Amash sided with Democrats in pushing for Trump impeachment and also siding with Democrats in an otherwise party-line vote on holding AG Barr in contempt.

Amash has been pushed out of the House Freedom Caucus and widely condemned by Republicans.

From Breitbart

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI), the first Republican on Capitol Hill to call for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, trails primary challenger State Rep. Jim Lower by a sizeable margin, according to a poll released Tuesday.

A Practical Political Consulting/MIRS poll shows Amash (33 percent) behind Lower (49 percent) by 16 percent. The poll was conducted between June 5th-9th and served 360 likely Republican voters. Amash’s other primary challenger, Army National Guardsman Tim Norton, was not included in the poll.

The poll comes amid a Politico report stating President Trump has discussed the possibility of backing an Amash primary challenger with Vice President Mike Pence, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), and Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. However, no firm decision has been made on the matter.