BREAKING: New IBD Poll Shows Biden’s Lead Over Trump Has “Essentially Vanished”

A new poll from Investor Business Daily shows Joe Biden’s lead over President Trump has “essentially vanished” to a mere 1 point after having been as high as 13 points in August.

Most analysts believe that a Democrat would have to defeat President Trump nationally be a margin of at least 2% if not higher, since Hillary won the popular vote by 2% but lost the Electoral College vote map by a large margin.

Meanwhile, the same poll shows Trump over Bernie by 2, over Warren by 4 and over Buttigieg by 3.

Per IBD, in head-to-head general election polling, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg hold one-point leads over President Trump. Yet that’s a virtual tie, well within the margin of error.

Trump leads Sanders by 2 points, Buttiegieg by 3 and Warren by 4.

Biden’s lead over Trump has essentially vanished, falling from 13% in August to 5% in December and 2% in January’s poll.

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