BREAKING: New Fox News Poll Has Biden Over Trump By Nearly Double Digits

President Trump will likely not be happy about the latest Fox New poll showing Biden ahead of him by near double digits nationally.

Trump has railed against Fox News polls in the past, demanding they fire their pollster.

Fox News reports each Democratic candidate tested bests Trump in hypothetical head-to-heads.

Trump lags behind Biden by 9 points (50-41 percent) and Bloomberg by 8 (49-41). Those leads are outside the poll’s margin of error.

Biden leads Trump by 17 points among women, while the two tie among men. And Trump is up by 14 points among white men, while Biden leads by 52 points among non-white men.

Trump trails Sanders by 6 points (48-42 percent), Warren by 5 (47-42), Buttigieg by 4 (45-41), and Klobuchar by 1 (43-42). These matchups are within the error margin.

In all cases, there are enough undecided/third-party voters to swing the race either way (10-14 percent).

In counties where the 2016 vote for president was within 10 points, Biden tops Trump by just 2 points.