BREAKING: New Arizona Poll Has Biden Leading Trump By 7

A new Arizona poll by Ohio Predictive Insights has Joe Biden Leading Trump by 7.

Biden receives 50% of the vote compared to 43% for Trump.

Per TheHill, the Biden campaign says Arizona is at the top of its list of traditionally red states where it plans to compete. Arizona is also home to a competitive Senate race, with Democrat Mark Kelly leading Sen. Martha McSally (R) in a race that will have consequences for the balance of power in the Senate.

Trump visited Arizona last week for his first trip outside of Washington since the coronavirus lockdown.

“President Trump is going to have to do a lot more than parachute into Arizona to boost his sagging numbers,” said OHPI chief of research Mike Noble. “With six months to go until Election Day, Trump is going to have to invest heavily in Arizona to pull out a victory in The Grand Canyon State.”

Fifty-three percent of Arizonans have an unfavorable view of Trump, and 45 percent view Biden negatively. Among the group of voters who view both Trump and Biden unfavorably, 63 percent say they’ll support Biden, compared to only 6 percent who say they’ll support Trump.

In 2016, Democrat Hillary Clinton was far more unpopular than Biden is now. Trump won the election when late-deciding voters, many of whom had negative views of both candidates, cast their ballots for him.

“As this election heats up and negative ads from both sides pour into Arizona, the share of voters who dislike both candidates is sure to rise,” said OHPI data analyst Jacob Joss. “Who they end up supporting will be a determining factor come November.”