BREAKING: Nevada judge tosses Trump campaign’s election challenge

A District court judge in Carson City, Nevada has ruled against the Trump campaign election challenge.

Per Riley Snider: Just in: Judge James Russell has DENIED the Trump campaign’s election contest lawsuit in Nevada, that sought to block certification of state’s 6 electoral votes or award them to Trump

From the decision “based on this testimony, the Court finds that there is no credible or reliable evidence that the 2020 General Election in Nevada was affected by fraud.

Per Las Vegas Review Journal “Trump’s campaign echoed the president’s own calls of voter fraud and alleged that Clark County election staff failed to address 40,000 cases of double voting and thousands more illegal votes from the deceased or voters who do not live in Nevada.

Democrats argued the challenge did not identify a single voter who allegedly committed fraud, nor did it provide any other evidence to warrant overturning the will of the majority of Nevada’s 1.4 million voters.”