BREAKING: Nearly Every Hillary Email Was Sent to a Cryptic Gmail Account

According to a bombshell new report, nearly every single one of Hillary’s infamous emails was sent, likely secretly to a cryptic gmail account.

These included classified emails.

The FBI was aware of this yet did not alert other intelligence agencies or the public.

The revelation comes from the same Hillary IT aide who used Bleachbit to erase copies of Clinton’s emails AFTER they were subpoenaed by the House.

From DailyCaller

Virtually every single one of Hillary Clinton’s emails were sent, potentially secretly, to a cryptically named Gmail address, according to a new Senate report.

The finding, which has not been previously reported, means that Clinton’s emails, including classified ones and ones which were later deleted, likely existed on Google’s U.S.-based servers. The FBI said in the report that it knew this — and of the suspicious explanation for it — but did not alert other intelligence agencies or the public, according to the report.

The FBI says that the suspicious Gmail address was set up by an IT aide, Paul Combetta, who worked for a company that managed Clinton’s server. Combetta is the same IT aide who used BleachBit to permanently erase copies of Clinton’s emails after they were subpoenaed by the House, misled the FBI about it, and was given immunity from prosecution, all while asking for basic computing advice on Reddit.

Combetta refused to cooperate with the Department of Justice Inspector General and with the authors of the Senate report about his use of the cryptic email address. He previously pleaded the Fifth before Congress in September 2016 about his deletion of emails.

Combetta worked for Platte River Networks, a technology company in Colorado that began managing Clinton’s email server when she decided to house it more professionally than the homemade server in her basement.

Charles McCullough, the Intelligence Community Inspector General, and his investigator Frank Rucker discovered that every one of Clinton’s emails except four were secretly copied to the cryptically named email address, [email protected], according to the report.

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