BREAKING: Mueller Complains About Barr’s Summary, But Admits It’s Accurate

On Monday, the mainstream media flocked to reports that special counsel Robert Mueller had written a letter rebuking US Attorney General Bill Barr’s summary of his investigation into allegations of collusion and obstruction against President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

While Mueller appeared slighted at Barr’s summary, which ultimately vindicated President Trump of the allegations against him, he also noted that he “did not” feel that Barr’s summary was inaccurate.

While the press appeared more interested in Mueller’s apparent objection to Barr’s report, the special counsel’s complaint was more with the media’s coverage of its release, rather than Barr’s summary.

For Mueller, who has faced a litany of backlash from both conservatives and liberals over his handling of the lengthy and costly investigation into President Trump, such vague remarks continue to draw bipartisan scrutiny while frustrating the press.