BREAKING: More than 100 state legislators ask Pence to delay electoral vote certification

Over 100 state legislators have asked Vice President Pence to delay the electoral vote certification by 10 days to allow for more time to investigate alleged irregularities.

Per JustheNews “while Pence has said he supports lawmakers who are concerned about the conduct of the November election, he has not indicated whether he’d be willing to go as far as delaying counting votes from states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania or whether such a manuever would be deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court.”

A letter to Pence signed by 88 state Republican legislators reads “We write to ask you to comply with our reasonable request to afford our nation more time to properly review the 2020 election by postponing the January 6th opening and counting of the electoral votes for at least 10 days, affording our respective bodies to meet, investigate, and as a body vote on certification or decertification of the election,”

“This action can be completed prior to the inauguration date, as required by the Constitution,” the letter adds.

Trump team lawyer Jenna Ellis tweeted “HUGE: More than 100 state legislators ask @VP@Mike_Pence to delay certification of electoral votes.”

She adds “under 3 USC 5, federal law requires a final determination in accordance with state law to ascertain legitimate slate of electors.”