BREAKING: Minority Trump Supporter Viciously Beaten for Wearing MAGA Hat

Shocking new reports reveal that yet another minority who supports President Donald Trump has been assaulted for his political beliefs.

New York City resident Jahangir Turan, who goes by the name “John,” was viciously attacked and beaten, allegedly by a group of teenagers who shouted anti-Trump obscenities while brutally stomping his face and smashing his head into a railing.

In the horrific aftermath, Turan suffered from a broken check bone, as well as gruesome trauma to his right eye, which may potentially lead to long-lasting damage.

According to Turan, the attack occurred on Tuesday, shortly after he purchased a “Make America Great Again” hat, which apparently prompted the heinous display of mob violence that resulted in his serious injury.

Turan said the group of approximately fifteen different teenagers screamed “Fuck Trump,” while stomping and kicking his head, an attack which could have ended in his death.

“I love President Trump, I think he’s doing a great job,” Turan said in a later interview. “It’s sad to get beat up for wearing this hat, this is America.”

On Thursday, the 42-year-old Turan, an art gallery owner, held a press conference regarding his attack, and begged New York Police to help find his assailants.

Clearly shaken by the traumatic experience which easily could have resulted in permanent disfigurement or death, Turan implied that he would not wear the “MAGA” hat on the streets of New York again.

While Turan reportedly refused medical attention at the scene of the assault, he is now nervously waiting to see a specialist regarding the future of his eye, which may have experienced more damage than he initially feared.


As alarming as the attack on Jahangir Turan was, it is far from the only example of violence against any and all who publicly show support for President Trump.

The unbridled rage seen in the brutal mob beating of Turan sheds light on an even deeper issue, the left’s use of violence against minorities who support Trump.

One particularly noteworthy example of such violence, which occurred in Oregon over the summer, saw left-wing activists savagely beat and humiliate Andy Ngo, an openly gay journalist who is the son of Vietnamese immigrants.

The activists, who belong to the notorious group Antifa, tout themselves as defenders of minorities, but Ngo’s reputation as a conservative journalist seemingly justified (and intensified) their bloodthirsty assault on an LGBTQ minority.