BREAKING: Melania’s Team Issues Statement on Trump’s Tweet About Greta Thunberg

First Lady Melania’s team has issued a statement on her behalf, in response to the outrage over President Trump’s tweet about Greta Thunberg.

Kate Bennett of CNN writes:

The latter part of this statement is particularly interesting/telling as it is clear @FLOTUS does not feel her tweet addressing the use of her son’s name last week is equatable to Trump’s tweet directed at Thunberg. As in Thunberg is an activist, thus she is fair game, though 16.

Notable too however that @FLOTUS via @PressSec is sticking to what she has said since open criticism of her platform began – her cyber bullying prevention initiatives will be ongoing, despite/in spite of the president’s behavior.

CNN has devoted a segment on Melania being “silent” after President Trump commented on Greta Thunberg.


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