BREAKING: Medical examiner rules police shooting of Rayshard Brooks a homicide

Per Faith Abubey of NBC-11:

BREAKING: Autopsy reveals 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks died from two gunshot wounds to the back that “created organ injuries and blood loss” Manner of death: homicide, per the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office

TheHill reports the police shooting of Rayshard Brooks, an unarmed black man who was killed by local police after being found asleep in a drive-thru at a Wendy’s in Atlanta, has been ruled a homicide, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office said.

According to USA Today, the office said in a release Sunday that Brooks died after sustaining “two gunshot wounds of his back that created organ injuries and blood loss.”

The Hill reached out to the office for comment on late Sunday.

Brooks died at the age of 26 on Friday shortly after he was found asleep in a drive-thru outside of a local Wendy’s. In footage captured after police arrived at the restaurant in response to a complaint, officers could be seen giving Rayshard a sobriety test.

After Brooks failed the test, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) said officers then attempted to arrest him. During the arrest, Brooks could be seen struggling with the officers and one took out his taser.

“Witnesses report that during the struggle the male subject grabbed and was in possession of the Taser,” the GBI said in a release detailing the police-involved shooting. Brooks was fatally shot moments after he appeared to flee.

The GBI said Brooks turned and pointed the taser at the officer prior to the officer shooting Brooks.

“The male subject was transported to a local hospital where he died after surgery,” the office said.

The shooting has sparked protests in Atlanta in the days that followed and footage emerged over the weekend showing the local Wendy’s where Brooks was shot being set aflame.

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields has since resigned and an officer identified as Garrett Rolfe has been fired. Another officer, Devin Brosnan, has also been placed on leave.