BREAKING: McConnell Responds to Pelosi’s “Piecemeal Postal Bill”

Saturday afternoon the House passed $25 billion in funding for the U.S. Postal service in a bill that turns back new measures aimed at cutting costs and banning an efforts to slow down the mail until at least 2021. The bill passed by a vote of 257-150.

GOP House leader Mitch McConnell has released a statement on what he calls the “Piecemeal Postal Bill.”

McConnell tweeted “House Democrats have spent weeks ignoring the urgent needs of American workers and families, but they rushed back to Washington the instant that overblown conspiracy theories about the U.S. Postal Service convinced them their own jobs might be in jeopardy. My full statement:”

The White House has threatened to veto the bill.

Per The Hill “The Office of Management and Budget said in a statement Friday that the Trump administration “strongly opposes” the bill and that President Trump’s advisers would recommend he veto it should it reach his desk.”