BREAKING: McConnell believes he has the votes to block Democrat’s January 6 Commission

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly believes he has the votes to the Democras January 6 Commission.

Per Manu Raju of CNN:

Senate GOP Whip John Thune reiterates GOP has the votes to block Jan. 6 commission bill. “I don’t believe there will be (10 Republicans) in its current form for the House-passed version,” he just told me

Thune says his office is scheduling a meeting with Brian Sicknick’s mother. But he says he’s a NO on the commission. “I think there are some issues with the commission, some flaws in the way it’s designed that it’s going to make it hard to get 10 Republicans to vote for it.”

McConnell and Senate GOP leaders have been confident for days that 10 senators wouldn’t break ranks. McConnell’s argument, which he’s voiced publicly and privately, is that the commission probe would become an issue in the midterms — and that has been the prevailing view among Rs