BREAKING: McConnell and Schumer Reach Deal on Trial Endgame Timeline

According to Manu Raju of CNN, McConnell and Schumer have reached a deal on the final acquittal vote timeline.

The deal includes no weekend sessions.

Per Raju, the timeline is as follows:

4-5 Democratic amendments voted on tonight

No weekend session

Closing argument for both sides Monday

Senate floor speeches Monday to Wednesday and

Acquittal Vote: Wednesday afternoon at 4pm EST.

Per CNN –

A senior Trump administration official acknowledged that Trump’s State of the Union speech could come in the midst of his impeachment trial but insisted the speech will be “forward-looking” and “optimistic” comparing the situation to last year when the government had just emerged from a long government shutdown.

And as the impeachment trial likely progresses into next week, the official said the speech isn’t being written “in a vacuum” and “it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for the speech to evolve before it’s delivered.”

McConnell’s resolution.