BREAKING: Matt Gaetz to self-quarantine after coming into contact with coronavirus patient

Marketwatch reports Rep. Matt Gaetz was told Monday he came into contact with a conservative political-conference attendee 11 days ago who tested positive for COVID-19, the Florida Republican’s office announced.

Gaetz, who traveled aboard Air Force One on Monday with President Donald Trump, is not experiencing symptoms, his office said, and expects test results soon. Gaetz will self-quarantine, following the same decision by Sen. Ted Cruz and three other lawmakers.

Per USAToday, Rep. Matt Gaetz denied he was making light of the coronavirus outbreak when he wore a gas mask in Congress after one of his constituents died from the COVID-19 disease.

“Made light?!?! I was quite serious,” the Florida Republican tweeted Sunday in response to a Washington Post headline that claimed he had been doing exactly that. “The threat to Congress is real, as I explained based on travel and habits like selfies and handshakes.”

And on Monday, Gaetz tweeted “Exactly” after founder Peter Schorsch said Gaetz might have had the right idea with the gas mask because Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., announced they were undergoing self-quarantine after shaking hands with an infected man at last month’s Conservative Political Action Conference.