BREAKING: Mark Sanford Ends His GOP Primary Challenge to Trump, Is Mocked on Twitter

Mark Sanford has officially suspended his presidential campaign and big to unseat President Trump as a GOP primary challenger.

Former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski wrote “In another shocking development: NBC News: Fmr. Rep. Mark Sanford says he won’t file for N.H. primary, ending campaign. He must be heading back to the Appalachian Trail. #SoLongMark.”

Carmine Sabia joked “Mark Sanford is ending his presidential campaign. In other news Mark Sanford had a presidential campaign.”

Sanford held a giant $1 trillion check, before ending his campaign.

Several memes mocking Sanford’s ill fated run have appeared on social media.

WashingtonExaminer reports former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has withdrawn his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.

Sanford, 59, who entered the Republican Presidential primary race in September, found little support for his run from his home state, after the South Carolina Republican Party canceled its primary.

“Presidential races focus our attention to politics and have historically been the stage on which we debate where we go next as a country. If we don’t do it this year, we put that national debate off until the next presidential election cycle. I don’t believe we have five more years before inaction guarantees a day of financial reckoning,” he said, in announcing his run.

The South Carolina Republican faced criticism, however, from party officials in his own state including South Carolina GOP Chairman Drew McKissick, who said in a statement, there is “no legitimate primary challenger” and that Sanford was only attempting to resurrect his political career.

Sanford, previously a rising star in the GOP who served as a member of Congress for three terms until 2019, became most known for a scandalous extramarital affair he was embroiled in 10 years ago while South Carolina’s governor.

For nearly a week in late June, he disappeared from the public eye and his whereabouts were unknown to his family and his security detail. Although he told his wife he went to hike the Appalachian Trail, she and his staff lost contact with him after several days. It was later found through a series of reports that Sanford had flown to Argentina to meet with a mistress. The governor, who had been married for 20 years already, also admitted he had previous affairs with other women.

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