Bartiromo “We are going to know who leaked that draft opinion in short order”

During a recent Fox News appearance, Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo vowed “we are going to know who leaked that draft opinion in short order.”

“I’ve got [Sen.] Ted Cruz on the show today, and he basically walked me through it yesterday when we were talking about today’s appearance — that there is — it’s really a small group, 12 people,” she continued.

“Because it’s three liberal justices that have four law clerks each, a pool of 12 people that people are looking at right now. There is an investigation underway,” she added.

Per the Washington Examiner:

The opinion revealed on Monday is not final, and votes among the justices might change before a ruling is dealt in the coming months. The leak prompted Chief Justice John Roberts to order an investigation by the marshal of the court. In a statement, the court confirmed the draft that was leaked is “authentic” but stressed it does “not represent a decision by the Court.”

Another journalist, NPR’s Nina Totenberg, surmised the leak most likely came from the conservative side of the Supreme Court. “The leading theory is a conservative clerk who was afraid that one of the conservatives might be persuaded by Chief Justice Roberts to join a much more moderate opinion,” Totenberg said during an appearance Sunday on ABC’s This Week.”

Watch the video here.