BREAKING: Loeffler says she’ll support Trump’s call for $2k checks

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler announced she’ll support President Trump’s call for $2k checks for Americans instead of $600.

Loeffler said “The president has fought for our country from day one.”

She added “I’ve stood by the president 100% of the time. I’m proud to do that and I’ve said absolutely, we need to get relief to Americans now and I will support that.”

Loeffler also accused Democrats of blocking relief funding “time and again” and said “that’s why we’re in this situation as a country.”

“We’ve tried to pass that relief since this summer, but Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, they’ve admitted that they held it up because they were playing politics with the lives of Georgians and all Americans around this election,” said Loeffler. “We have to hold Democrats accountable on Jan. 5 because that’s what’s on the ballot. Who’s going to fight for the American people? That’s what David Perdue and I have been doing since day one and we’re going to continue to do that.”