BREAKING: Lindsey Graham Announces He’s Tested Negative for Coronavirus

Lindsey Graham announced via Twitter he tested negative for Coronavirus.

Graham tweeted:

I was just informed by Dr. Moynihan, the head of the House Physicians Office, that my coronavirus test was NEGATIVE.

I’m very grateful and like everyone else will follow the best practices to stay negative.

I look forward to getting back to work with my Senate colleagues and President Trump to contain this virus and stabilize our economy.

Thank you very much for all the prayers and well wishes!

Some critics took the occasion to immediately bash him.

Jason wrote:

The fact that you’re still tweeting show that my prayers were in vain.

Back to Voodoo dolls for me.

Alberto replied “lol…no one was praying for you miss Lindsey”

Another Twitter user wrote “The doctor in China that blew the whistle on Covid19 tested negative three times. Fourth time came up positive. He has since died.”

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