BREAKING: Last Night’s Democrat Debate the Lowest Rated in This Cycle

Last night’s Democrat party debate, with 7 candidates, drew roughly 6 million total viewers for PBS and Politico.

This total makes it the least watched debate so far in the current cycle.

The 2nd lowest rated debate on MSNBC drew 6.5 million.

Variety reports last night’s Democratic debate, which inevitably dealt with the recent impeachment of President Donald Trump, drew just over 6 million total viewers for PBS and Politico, according to Nielsen figures.

Topics such as the economy, climate change, racism, Afghanistan, and taxing the wealthy were also on the agenda.

That total, which counts the PBS broadcast and the simulcast on CNN and CNN en Español, makes it the least watched debate so far in the current cycle, only just behind the previous MSNBC debate which drew 6.5 million. Last night’s squaring off reached more than 2 million viewers across PBS stations nationwide, and was seen on CNN by just over 4 million people.

Per PBS, the debate live streams across PBS NewsHour’s, Politico’s, PBS’s, and CNN’s digital and social platforms totaled more than 8.4 million viewers.