BREAKING: Klobuchar Set to Outperform Expectations in NH, Biden Gets Destroyed

With 57% of the vote in, Bernie Sanders is leading in New Hampshire and the favorite to win the state.

Buttigieg is 2nd and the biggest story is Amy Klobuchar is in a stunning 3rd place, easily overtaking Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.

Once considered a frontrunner, Joe Biden has fallen to a humiliating 5th place.

Steyer, Gabbard, and Yang are in 5th-7th.


Analysts are crediting Klobuchar’s rise to a strong closing argument in the last debate.

FASTEST NH Primary Results – Total of 61.62% reporting

Sanders: 26.27%
Buttigieg: 23.51%
Klobuchar: 20.22%
Warren: 9.50%
Biden: 8.47%
Steyer: 3.60%
Gabbard: 3.25%
Yang: 2.83%

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