BREAKING: Judge rules no proof Kyle Rittenhouse is tied to far-right group

According to a new report from CBS News “prosecutors won’t be allowed to argue at trial that a man who shot three people during a Wisconsin protest against police brutality believes in the Proud Boys’ violent tactics or was affiliated with the white nationalist group the night of last year’s shootings, a judge ruled Friday.”

The report adds:

Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder’s decision marks a victory for Kyle Rittenhouse as he prepares for his trial in November. The ruling removes a line of attack for prosecutors who had hoped to show that Rittenhouse, as Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger described him in court, was a “chaos tourist” drawn to Kenosha “like a moth to a flame.”

It was among several requests that Schroeder was considering Friday, including whether jurors will see video that prosecutors say shows Rittenhouse talking about wanting to shoot people.