BREAKING: Jim Jordan Says Criminal Referral for Nellie Ohr “Finalized”

On Wednesday, Republican lawmaker Jim Jordan discussed recent news surrounding Nellie Ohr, wife of former DOJ official Bruce Ohr, who has found herself at the center of controversy regarding the Russian collusion investigation, suggesting a criminal referral.

Jordan said colleague Mark Meadows is “working to finalize” criminal proceedings against Ohr, when asked, replying, “Mark is working on that.”

Republicans have turned their sights on the Ohrs following the trail leading to the investigation into now-debunked collusion allegations against President Trump, recently uncovering Nellie Ohr’s links to nearly 350 emails with DOJ officials.

For President Trump, the Ohr family’s involvement with potentially having funneled manufactured opposition research into the Justice Department investigation proves to be a major victory in his assertion that he was wronged by the DOJ during the 2016 campaign.