BREAKING: It’s Official – Romney Will Vote for Witnesses

It’s now official.

Mitt Romney will vote in favor of witnesses.

Romney is expected to be one of only two or three votes that side with Democrats tonight.

Communication Director for Mitt Romney Liz Johnson tweeted:

For those asking: As @SenatorRomney has said, he wants to hear from Ambassador Bolton, and he will vote in favor of the motion today to consider witnesses.

Some on social media blasted Romney for the decision.

Per TheHill, Romney was widely expected to vote in favor of calling witnesses after emerging as the most vocal GOP senator in favor of hearing new testimony as part of Trump’s trial.

He also made the case during a closed-door lunch this week urging his colleagues to back hearing from Bolton after The New York Times reported that he will claim in his forthcoming memoir that President Trump tied Ukraine aid to the country announcing investigations into Democrats.

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