BREAKING: Illegal Migrant Caught on Camera Shooting at Border Wall

An illegal migrant who crossed over the border, was caught on video shooting at the border security wall.

Breitbart reported that Yuma Sector Border Patrol camera operators observed a group of migrants cross the primary barrier near San Luis, Arizona. One of the migrants pulled a weapon and fired several rounds toward the secondary barrier.

Camera operators monitoring the border near the San Luis area witnessed a group of five people illegally cross the primary border barrier about 2:35 a.m. on Thursday morning, according to information obtained from Yuma Sector Border Patrol officials. The operators continued monitoring the group as they moved east along the dry Colorado River bed.

Officials observed one of the illegal aliens produce a firearm and begin shooting at the secondary barrier. The subject fired several shots at the barrier located west of San Luis, officials reported.

The video released by Border Patrol officials shows a person repeatedly firing a handgun.

Before responding agents could arrive on scene, a truck arrived on the Mexican side of the border. The migrants fled across the primary barrier and rode away in the truck.

The international boundary in this area runs north and south along the Colorado River. Mexico is located on the west side of the river and Arizona on the east.

Officials stated the border barrier is located on U.S. soil, not directly on the riverbed.

It appears no one was injured during the gunfire. Officials did not disclose if the shooting damaged any of the secondary border barrier infrastructure.

Watch the video: