BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Introduces Bill that Would Limit Trump’s Power on Sanctions

“Squad” member Ilhan Omar is introducing a new bill that would allow Congress to significantly limit President Trump’s power on sanctions and declaring national emergencies.

Per Breitbart, one of the bills, the Congressional Oversight of Sanctions Act, would give Congress power to limit the executive branch’s authority under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to declare national emergencies and place economic sanctions.

“We need to restore congressional oversight,” Omar said. She explained that the bill “requires an explanation for what foreign policy goal is supposed to be achieved with the given sanction and what the process for delisting an individual, entity or country should be.”

Omar touted her “Pathway to Peace” bill on Twitter, writing:

Endless war is not making our country safer.

It is costing lives, destroying futures, and damaging our reputation in the world.

Today, I’m introducing the #PathwaytoPeace, a new vision for American foreign policy based on peace and diplomacy.

HuffPost reports Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) introduced a broad package of bills Wednesday that would amount to an overhaul of America’s approach to global affairs. It’s a bold move for the already high-profile first-term representative — and one that gives her a bigger role in the national debate about reforming U.S. foreign policy and challenges the popular caricature of her as an ideologue defined by a fixation on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Designed as a statement of principles, the legislation seeks to push candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, more moderate members of her caucus and Republicans to commit to a foreign policy that centers on global human rights standards and international cooperation.

The suite of proposals would initiate tighter scrutiny of U.S. support to countries that commit abuses and transfer $5 billion in wartime funding to a new Global Peacebuilding Fund. They would also give Congress new responsibility for approving and assessing economic sanctions that come via emergency declarations from the White House — bringing new accountability to a tool many experts feel presidents have overused. Successive presidents have treated sanctions as an ideal alternative to military intervention, even though they often lead to severe humanitarian crises.

The proposals would also require the U.S. to join United Nations agreements on children’s rights and migration, as well as the International Criminal Court, which could mean unprecedented consequences for Americans linked to war crimes. And arguably the most ambitious measure would direct U.S. officials to craft a bigger international deal to address the massive displacement of people around the world.

Omar shared an advance copy of her proposal, which she calls a “Pathway to Peace,” exclusively with HuffPost and discussed it in a Tuesday interview.

Working on Capitol Hill has allowed Omar to see “the intentions” behind traditional U.S. foreign policy. “I know that it is deeply rooted in justice, in wanting to advance peace and in fighting for a more democratic and open society, but I also uniquely know and see and hear and have experienced how the outside world reacts to our foreign policy,” said Omar, a Somali American refugee and one of the first two Muslim women in Congress.

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