BREAKING: Human Smugglers Breach California Border Fence for Second Time in One Week

This week, at the US-Mexico border in California, two separate groups of human traffickers were seen cutting through the existing barriers to get illegal aliens into the country.

According to local media and law enforcement, the smugglers, also known as “coyotes,” used power tools to cut an opening in the existing fencing, an issue that has continued to occur as the border crisis escalates.

The Baja region of California has seen a noticeable increase in illegal border crossings, with one group of coyotes reportedly cutting a hole large enough to smuggle ten illegal aliens through the border just last week.

From Breitbart:

For the second time in one week, human smugglers were observed breaching the border fence separating Mexicali, Baja California, and Calexico, California, with power cutting tools. The smugglers then illegally guided two migrants into the U.S. Friday.

A group of human smugglers operating along the U.S. border with Mexico at Mexicali/Calexico was observed using cutting tools to create an opening large enough to cross two illegal immigrants into the United States. The smugglers utilized lookouts during the morning hours as they cut through the barrier within two minutes, as reported by local Spanish media outlet La Voz dela Frontera.

The two illegal immigrants traveled along the border wall inside a taxi and were eventually waved over by the smuggler to cross.
Breitbart News reported last week about a prior incident where a group of smugglers used cutting tools to create an opening large enough for 10 migrants.

In March, a human smuggler was arrested after he was observed trying cut through the barrier between Calexico and Mexicali.

Breitbart News law enforcement sources indicate that the breaches can be done within minutes with proper power tools.