BREAKING: House to take up Trump Articles of Impeachment Wednesday

The House is scheduled to take up Trump impeachment Wednesday.

The move could likely result in history being made with a president being impeached for the second time.

House Majority leader Steny Hoyer tweeted Monday morning “Donald Trump presents a clear and present danger to our nation. I requested Unanimous Consent to bring up
@RepRaskin’s resolution today calling on VP Pence to activate the 25th Amendment. I am disappointed the House GOP blocked it. I will bring it to the Floor soon for a vote.”

Pelosi wrote:

Today, five days after the President incited a deadly insurrection against American democracy, the @HouseGOP blocked @RepRaskin’s legislation calling on @VP Pence to activate the 25th Amendment.

The House will next take up the Raskin legislation in regular order, and we are further calling on the Vice President to respond within 24 hours of passage.

As our next step, we will move forward with bringing impeachment legislation to the Floor.

Moments ago, Pelosi added:

Wednesday’s attack on our democracy was intended to scare us away from carrying out our duties as the people’s representatives.

We will not let them succeed. We are committed to our work #ForThePeople.