BREAKING: House passes $2 trillion coronavirus bill on voice vote, Massie overruled

The House has passed the historic $2.2 trillion stimulus bill by voice vote after overruling a request from Rep. Massie for a formal recorded vote.

Per Garrett Wymetr – Massie on the House floor just now: “I came here to make sure our republic doesn’t die by unanimous consent.” His request for a recorded vote was refused, and his objection was overruled because a quorum was present.

The House passed the $2.2 trillion stimulus bill by voice vote.

ABC reports as expected, GOP Rep. Tom Massie tried to ask for a recorded vote but no one seconded his request. He then called for a quorum, which was then established, so his effort quickly failed.

The historic measure passed by voice vote.

Applause erupted in the chamber where lawmakers had spread out in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

Massie lamented his failure to push for a recorded vote on Twitter:

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