BREAKING: House Considering Resolution Condemning Trump for Attacking “The Squad”

According to a breaking report from FoxNews, Nancy Pelosi has revealed the house is considering a resolution condemning President Trump for his comments attacking “the squad.”

Monday, the 4 members of “the squad” led by AOC held a press conference where they portrayed Trump as an illegitimate occupier.


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House to vote on resolution condemning Trump for comments on progressive ‘squad,’ Pelosi says.

A clear line has been drawn in the sand between President Trump and the squad of progressive freshman lawmakers who have emerged as the loudest voices in the Democratic Party — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass.

The president on Monday forcefully stood by his call for the congresswomen to “go back” to where they came from and “come back and show us how it’s done,” rather than criticize the Trump administration. He has demanded they “apologize” for apparent anti-American “hate.” In response, the squad has referred to Trump as a racist “occupant” of the White House who needs to be impeached.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had had a very public rift with the quartet of Democratic lawmakers, announced Monday that the House would vote on a resolution condemning Trump’s latest comments.

The resolution “strongly condemns President Donald Trump’s racist comments” and says they “have legitimized and increased fear and hatred of new Americans and people of color.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said his party would also try to force a vote in the GOP-controlled chamber. Meanwhile, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie G. Thompson, D-Miss., was seeking extra protection for members of Congress on Monday after Trump’s tweets and remarks, Fox News has learned exclusively.