BREAKING: Gov. Abbott orders National Guard to arrest migrants at the border

Tuesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the National Guard to help local law officers arrest migrants as migrant surge at the border continues.

Abbott sent a letter to a letter to Major Gen. Tracy R. Norris of the Texas Military Department requesting more manpower.

“To respond to this disaster and secure the rule of law at our Southern border, more manpower is needed — in addition to the troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and soldiers from the Texas National Guard I have already deployed there — and DPS needs help in arresting those who are violating state law,” Abbott wrote.”I hereby order that the Texas National Guard assist DPS in enforcing Texas law by arresting lawbreakers at the border.”

Abbott also has issued an executive order restricting transport of migrants, citing COVID-19.

Abbott tweeted moments ago:

The rise in unlawful border crossings has led to a dramatic rise in #COVID19 among unlawful migrants in Texas.

This Executive Order will reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure in Texas by reducing the transportation of migrants throughout our state.