BREAKING: Giuliani Mocks Cohen’s Claim He’s Actually Innocent “Poetic Justice”

On Wednesday, White House counsel Rudy Giuliani reacted to recently-surfaced audio between disgraced former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and actor Tom Arnold, in which Cohen bemoaned his impending prison sentence.

Giuliani called Cohen’s assertions of innocence “Poetic justice for a disbarred lawyer who surreptitiously recorded his client and numbers others.”

Cohen claims he pleaded guilty to some crimes that he did not commit, which he said was done in an attempt to protect his family, “There is no tax evasion,” asserted Cohen, who went on to call other charges related to a home equity line of credit “a lie.”

Later in the recording, Cohen can be heard stating, “I never thought the judge was going to throw a three-year fricking sentence.”

Additionally, Cohen, who is set to begin a three-year prison sentence in coming weeks, bemoaned Democrat lawmakers’ having done nothing to request a lighter prison term.