BREAKING: George Washington Statue in Trenton, NJ Vandalized

Per L.A. Parker:

George Washington statue vandalized in Trenton NJ. Spray painted with “Black Lives Matter” and “BLM”. Under investigation.

Per the Trentonian, another day, another vandalized statue in the City of Trenton.

This week it’s Gen. George Washington covered in red and black paint, a “Black Lives Matter” message and several “BLM” initials. The statue is located inside a Mill Hill cul de sac near Passage Theatre.

While the damage identified the Black Lives Matter movement, no proof existed that the perpetrator sides with the group or delivered the spray paint assault as subterfuge.

City officials toured Mill Hill Thursday morning as several neighbors and passers by inspected the vandalized statue.

Last week, a Christopher Columbus statue inside a Chambersburg park named after the Genoa-born explorer on Hamilton Ave. had red paint splashed on the controversial Italian explorer.

City employees wrapped Columbus in canvas then boxed the base with plywood. The cover will remain until city officials table a meeting regarding the Columbus statue’s future.