BREAKING: GA Gov. Kemp rejects Trump’s call to overrule Raffensperger with emergency powers

In response to calls from President Trump to  overturn Georgia’s election results, Governor Brian Kemp’s spokesman Cody Hall said to AJC Monday “Georgia law prohibits the governor from interfering in elections. The Secretary of State, who is an elected constitutional officer, has oversight over elections that cannot be overridden by executive order.”

“As the governor has said repeatedly, he will continue to follow the law and encourage the Secretary of State to take reasonable steps – including a sample audit of signatures – to restore trust and address serious issues that have been raised,” Hall continued.

President Trump had tweeted “Why won’t Governor @BrianKempGA, the hapless Governor of Georgia, use his emergency powers, which can be easily done, to overrule his obstinate Secretary of State, and do a match of signatures on envelopes. It will be a “goldmine” of fraud, and we will easily WIN the state….

….Also, quickly check the number of envelopes versus the number of ballots. You may just find that there are many more ballots than there are envelopes. So simple, and so easy to do. Georgia Republicans are angry, all Republicans are angry. Get it done!”

According to The Hill “Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, who is also a Republican, said in November that Republicans, including Trump ally and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), had pressured him to exclude ballots as part of an effort to swing the state’s election to Trump. Graham denied the charge.

Raffensberger and Kemp both certified the results of the election, which after a recount found President-elect Joe Biden to have defeated Trump by more than 12,000 votes.”

Trump said in a Sunday interview he’s “ashamed” he endorsed Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.