BREAKING: Ed Henry accused of sexual assault by former Fox News employee in new lawsuit

Former Fox News anchor Ed Henry has been accused of sexual assault in new lawsuit.

According to the report from Wapo, Jennifer Eckhart, a former Fox News employee, is accusing Henry of sexual assaulting her in September of 2015 and then handcuffing her and raping her in 2017, after taking naked photos of her.

Eckhart tweeted the following statement this afternoon.

Wapo reports two former on-air personalities for Fox News Media on Monday filed suit against the network and several of its most prominent hosts, including recently fired anchor Ed Henry, alleging sexual assault and harassment.

The legal complaint was filed by Jennifer Eckhart, a longtime employee at Fox Business Network, and Cathy Areu, a frequent guest who appeared as a commentator. The most startling and graphic charge in the suit alleges that Henry raped Eckhart – an allegation Henry’s attorney denied.

Fox announced July 1 that it had fired Henry, saying that he had been credibly accused by a former colleague of “sexual misconduct in the workplace years ago.” But, the new lawsuit says the network’s statement “intentionally downplayed the severity of the situation” in an attempt “to avoid taking accountability for what actually happened.”

In the complaint, Eckhart accuses Henry of sexually assaulting her in a guest office on the 17th floor of the Fox News office building in New York in September 2015, and raping her in a New York hotel room in 2017, after handcuffing her and taking naked photographs of her.

After Eckhart reported details of her “toxic work environment” to a human resources executive and her supervisor in February 2020, the lawsuit alleges, Fox News terminated her as an act of retaliation in June, once it realized that Eckhart “engaged in protected activity by hiring counsel and putting Fox News on notice of her intent to bring legal claims.”

The lawsuit also says Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Howard Kurtz and Gianno Caldwell of engaging in inappropriate and suggestive behavior.