BREAKING: Doug Jones Announces He’ll Vote to Convict Trump

Moments ago, Senator Doug Jones (D-Alabama) announced on the Senate floor that he will be voting to convict President Trump for both articles of impeachment.

The decision may make Doug Jones’ already difficult reelection bid coming up in November even harder, as his state overwhelmingly supports President Trump.



NBC reports the Senate will vote on whether to remove President Donald Trump for abusing his power and obstructing Congress on Wednesday afternoon — an effort that is expected to fail — and one of few senators whose position had been unknown, Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., announced he will support conviction.

Sixty-seven votes are required to convict on each of the two articles of impeachment, and while several Republicans have said they believe Trump acted inappropriately in his dealings with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, as of Wednesday morning, none have said they believe his conduct was impeachable.

So far, no Democratic senators have said they would acquit, although some from states where Trump is popular have yet to announce how they’ll vote.

Jones, who faces a difficult re-election battle in this year, announced Wednesday he’d vote to convict.

“The president’s actions demonstrate a belief that he is above the law, that Congress has no power whatsoever in questioning or examining his actions, and that all who do so, do so at their peril. That belief, unprecedented in the history of this country, simply must not be permitted to stand,” Jones said.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Jones acknowledged he could pay a political price in his state, where Trump is wildly popular and former attorney general Jeff Sessions, ex-Rep. Bradley Byrne, onetime Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville and disgraced former judge Roy Moore are all vying to be the Republican who runs against him.