BREAKING: Don Jr. Blasts Eric Swalwell Over #Fartgate Scandal, Shares Parody Video

Don Jr. blasted Eric Swalwell over his apparent fart (which he denies) during his appearance on MSBNC’s “hardball” by sharing a hilarious altered parody video of Greta Thunberg reacting to Eric Swalwell and adding “We always knew Swalwell was full of sxxx”


“We always knew Swalwell was full of”

Swalwell appeared to be a good sport about the incident that became the top trending topic on all of Twitter, responding to Christine Teigen’s instance that it WAS a fart by repling “This, too, shall pass…”

Meanwhile, the “fart heard around the world” has resulted in endless jokes, memes, and altered video.

Piers Morgan clearly is on the side that Swalwell did it.

“Infrared evidence”

“The results are in”

“America is finally great again”

“Swalwell immediately after the interview.”

“Logging on this morning to see why #fartgate & #ShartGate are trending on #twitter”

“It’s no coincidence that occurred while Eric Swalwell talked about impeachment. Some higher power placed that toot in there just so everyone knew the substance of this impeachment witch-hunt. The fart was the most honest thing to come out of him.”

“Without any hesitation, is the most non partisan I’ve seen American politics in a decade. Maybe this is what finally brings people together?”

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