BREAKING: DNA Test Proves Hunter Biden Fathered Baby While Cheating on Brother’s Widow

The DNA testing results are in and Hunter Biden IS the father!

Luden Alexis Roberts of Arkansas, the baby’s mother filed for child support in May. She says Biden admitted to her he was the father while publicly denying it.

Per Fox News, last month, Hunter Biden agreed to submit to a DNA test in response to a paternity claim filed by a woman in Arkansas who said the embattled son of the 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden is the father of her 14-month-old child, according to court documents.

Business Insider reports in the ruling filed in Independence County, Arkansas, on behalf of the baby’s mother, Luden Alexis Roberts, the DNA test determined that Biden was the baby’s father “with scientific certainty.”

Biden is “not expected to challenge the results of the DNA test or the testing process,” the filing said. He has yet to comment publicly on the ruling.

Biden, who is former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, had previously denied all allegations that he was the father of Roberts’ child.

Roberts had filed a petition for paternity, child support, and a request for Biden to pay healthcare for the child in May 2019. She said she and Biden had once been in a relationship, and it resulted in a child born in August 2018, according to the Daily Beast.

Biden’s relationship history is complicated. In 2017, Hunter finalized his divorce from his wife of more that 20 years, Kathleen Biden, after she accused him of spending money on drugs and strip clubs.

Following his divorce, Hunter started dating Hallie Biden, his late brother Beau’s widow and the mother of his niece and nephew, the same year.

In April 2019, Page Six reported that Biden broke up with Hallie Biden. The child Hunter was just linked to through DNA was born in 2018, meaning some time during Hunter’s relationship with Hallie, he had an affair.

To add to the complicated situation, in May 2019, Hunter Biden married a woman named Melissa Cohen in a surprise wedding.

Wednesday’s paternity ruling also delves into Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, saying he is “considered by some to be the person most likely to win his party’s nomination and challenge President Trump the ballot in 2020.”

It says that members of the Biden family are protected by the US Secret Service, suggesting that the child would also need protection.

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