BREAKING: Difficulties With Iowa Dem Party’s App Contributing to Delay in Caucus Results

Per Allie Raffa, A Democratic source in Iowa tells Fox News that difficulties with the Iowa Democratic Party’s app are likely contributing to the delay in reporting the caucus results

Washington Examiner reports Iowa Democratic Party officials say an early issue with a mobile app designed to report results will not hinder the Iowa caucus process.

Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price said Monday that there were some reports from precinct officials that they couldn’t log into the app during the first-in-the-nation caucuses.

He said a team of troubleshooters is working to address any technical issues.

He added that the party has alternate ways for precincts to send in results, including a hotline.

“We’ve had an app before, but we’ve also had a hotline before, and folks have had the option to do that, and so we expect that we’ll be able to report the results in a timely manner this evening,” he said.

The app was designed to allow for the quick filing of results, and the issue appears to be the result of different PINs used for early testing and caucus night logins.


NBC reports returns from the Iowa presidential caucuses were much slower than expected on Monday night as the state Democratic Party said it was working on “quality control” and a new counting system used for the first time caused delays.

“We are doing our quality control checks, making sure the numbers are accurate. People are still caucusing, we’re working to report results soon,” the party said.

At the same time, some election workers struggled with a new app the party was using to calculate and report results from the caucuses.

The IDP results app was not working and the backup phone line is likewise “a disaster,” a source familiar with the process said, adding that the campaigns were all participating in a briefing about the situation.

“The app is the issue and the hotline is smoked,” said Joe Galasso, a volunteer in charge of new registrations for Waukee precinct 2. He had just gotten off the phone with precinct chairman Matt Chapman. They have not been able to report their results, even though they wrapped up more than an hour ago.

Another source was more blunt: “The app is f—ing up,” said a senior aide to one of the campaigns, who asked not to be identified. “Can’t trust the numbers coming in.”

For the first time, the state Democratic Party will report three sets of results: “the first expression of preference” from caucusgoers for a candidate; vote totals from the “final alignment” after backers of lower-ranking contenders make their second choice; and the total number of state delegate equivalents won by candidates.