BREAKING: Detroit Elections Worker Says She Was Instructed to Change Ballot Dates

According to a new report from Newsmax, Jessy Jacob a longtime city worker has signed an affidavit in a lawsuit by the Great Lakes Justice Center swearing she and others were told to change mailing dates on ballots.

She also says she observed supervisors “coaching” voters to cast ballots for Joe Biden.

GOP spokeswoman Ronna McDaniel asked defiant reporters Monday “Why aren’t you worried about these irregularities?” she continued  “If you have an election worker told to backdate ballots, that’s a problem.

“What we are seeing is deeply alarming,” she added.

Asked for evidence of illegal fraud, McDaniel pointed to filed affidavits and lawsuits.

“I think I just went thought that with you: With someone backdating ballots? That’s called illegal,” she said “Tthat’s going to be an investigation process, but somebody was told you need to backdate ballots to make them legal, ballots that were illegal under the law.”