BREAKING: Dems’ Impeachment Lawyer Says He Has Coronavirus, Attacks Trump on Twitter

Democrat impeachment lawyer Daniel Goldman announced via Twitter he has tested positive for Coronavirus.

In a series of three tweets, Goldman then accuses Trump of trying to “gaslight the American public” and calls the Trump admin “shockingly unprepared.”

FINAL UPDATE (thread): My test came back positive.

I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support. It means a lot to my family and me.

I am almost back to 100%. I’m lucky enough not to fall in the vulnerable category and, for me, it was just like the flu. 1/

My difficulty in getting a test despite the exact symptoms and a neg flu test underscores how shockingly unprepared this administration is to deal with this pandemic. In fact, I was told that NYC hospitals STILL would not test my wife — with similar symptoms — unless admitted. 2/

@realDonaldTrump can try to gaslight the American public by repeatedly saying that everyone who needs a test can get one, but that was not true one month ago (when it should have been the case) and it is not true today (when there is no excuse). 3/

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