BREAKING: Democrats Introduce Bill calling for racial breakdown of COVID-19 cases

Moments ago, Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted:

The COVID-19 demographic data trickling out from places like MI & IL are exposing the deep inequalities in our communities. This virus is making those disparities worse. We must confront this problem head-on, but we need all the data to do it.

We need comprehensive national data by race, ethnicity, disability, & other demographics to ensure that vulnerable communities are getting equitable testing & treatment. Our bill to collect & must be included in the next relief package.

MSN reports Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday introduced legislation to compel federal health officials to post data daily that breaks down COVID-19 cases and deaths by race and ethnicity.

The lawmakers say the demographic data is needed to address any disparities in the national response to the coronavirus outbreak, which is taking a disproportionate toll on African Americans and other nonwhite populations.

“Because of government-sponsored discrimination and systemic racism, communities of color are on the frontlines of this pandemic,” Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of several sponsors of the legislation in the Senate, said in a statement. “To effectively slow the spread of the virus and ensure our response is robust and equitable, we need comprehensive national data on who is getting infected, who is getting treatment, and who is dying.”

The latest Associated Press analysis of available state and local data shows that more than 30% of those who have died from COVID-19 are African American, although blacks make up roughly 13% of the population in the areas covered in the analysis.