BREAKING: Democrat Michigan Mayor Facing Multiple Felony Counts After Altercation With Police

Democrat Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer faces six felony counts after an altercation with the police following the arrest of his step-son.

Meer claims the police arrest was politically motivated.

WNDU reports it looks like crime has become a big issue in the Michigan City Mayor’s race.

Court documents show incumbent Ron Meer faces six felony counts for intimidation and official misconduct, and two misdemeanors for false informing “resulting in substantial hindrance to law enforcement.”

Last month, Meer claimed the arrest of his stepson on drug charges was politically motivated.

Shortly afterward the police chief resigned and wrote that he was directed by Meer to pull city officers out of the county drug task force.

Per NBCChicago, the charges come in response to a dispute involving Mayor Ron Meer and the leaders of the Michigan City Police Dept., following the arrest of Meer’s step-son Adam Bray.

Police Chief Mark Swistek and two assistant chiefs announced their resignation on Oct. 24, after Meer requested that the police department withdraw its participation in the LaPorte County Drug Task Force, the joint law enforcement unit that arrested his step-son.

Meer claimed the arrest of his step-son was politically motivated, according to WNDU, the NBC affiliate in South Bend.

The judge originally set to hear Meer’s case, Judge Richard Stalbrink, recused himself because his wife is corporation counsel for Michigan City.