BREAKING: Democrat Colorado Governor passes law allowing illegal immigrants to secure professional licenses

Colorado Democrat Governor Jared Polis has signed a bill, SB 21-077, that will allow illegal immigrants in his state to secure professional licenses.

Per ABC “the bill eliminates the requirement of legal status to obtain a license, certification or registration in fields like education, health, childcare and more.”

The law reads “The bill also specifies that lawful presence is not required of any applicant for any state or local license, certificate, or registration. The bill affirmatively states that the bill is a state law within the meaning of the federal law that gives states authority to provide for eligibility for state and local public benefits to persons who are unlawfully residing in the United States.

Marissa Molina, the Colorado State Director for Fwd.US praised the decision, saying “As our state continues to face worker shortages, particularly in education and health care, we have opened the door for a new generation of nurses, teachers, and other essential workers to fill labor gaps needed to support our continued health response and long-term economic recovery.”

One illegal immigrant who didn’t qualify for DACA,  Duvia Ortega, appeared at the hearing and said “I really wanted to be a teacher. This has been my dream since I was a little girl.”

“It just makes me really happy and excited and thrilled to have my license — to be able to be able to do something in life,” she later added.