BREAKING: de Blasio to Endorse Bernie Sanders for President

Bernie Sanders has picked up the endorsement of mayor Bill de Blasio.

de Blasio dropped out of his own bid for President in September after lackluster polling.

NYPost reports mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to travel with the self-described “Democratic socialist” and party outsider in Nevada both Sunday and Monday, appearing at events ahead of the Feb. 22 caucuses, sources said.

It’s a reversal from four years earlier when de Blasio backed Hillary Clinton over Sanders, after famously waffling for months — but not necessarily surprising.

The mayor has since repeatedly said he believes Sanders would have defeated Republican Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election if Sanders had won the primary.

De Blasio decided to go all-in on Sanders only days after Sanders established himself as the Democrats 2020 frontrunner with a nail-biting victory in New Hampshire primary.