Court rules in favor of NJ Trump supporter fined $250/day for Anti-Biden banners

A state court has ruled that a NJ woman hanging anti-Biden banners including one with the message “F Biden” can keep them up.

Per the NY Times “The ruling came after the woman, Andrea Dick of Roselle Park, enlisted the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey to fight a municipal judge’s order that she take the banners off a fence outside the house where she lives with her mother or face $250 a day in fines.”

“After the civil liberties group joined the case, Roselle Park officials backpedaled on their earlier demand that Dick take down the banners and effectively dropped the matter,” the report adds.

Andrea Dick said after the ruling “I feel amazing” and “I’m glad it’s over.”

Greg Kelly of Newsmax tweeted “This is ANDREA DICK and she’s got SPUNK!!!!”