BREAKING: Conservatives React as Amash Turns His Attacks to AG Barr

On Tuesday, Republican Rep. Justin Amash, a vocal critic of President Trump, took to social media to double down on previous assertions that US Attorney General Bill Barr “deliberately misrepresented” the Mueller report in an effort to shield the president.

In a series of tweets, Amash claimed “the public and Congress were misled,” and said Barr’s summary of the report served “to help build the president’s false narrative that the investigation was unjustified.”

Amash recently drew widespread condemnation from Republicans after claiming that President Trump engaged in “impeachable conduct,” which Trump, himself, suggested was in an effort to “get his name out there through controversy,” calling Amash a “loser.”

Trump supporters and conservatives quickly responded to Amash’s latest attack, and while many offered several suggestions as to what may be motivating the Republican lawmaker to attack, the overwhelming majority agreed Amash is vying for attention.