BREAKING: CNN’s Own Poll Shows More Americans are OPPOSED to Impeachment

A new poll conducted by CNN shows more Americans oppose impeachment and removal of Trump than those that support it.

CNN’s own poll has 45% in support of impeachment vs. 47% opposing it, a 5% drop in support for impeachment from late November.

Tim Murtaugh tweeted:

New @CNN poll exposes sham impeachment as worst political miscalculation ever.

Support for coup keeps dropping.

Down 5 points nationally since last month
Down 13 points among DEMOCRATS
Overall more Americans now oppose Democrats’ sham impeachment

In addition, for the first time, the RealClearPolitics polling aggregates show more opposing impeachment than supporting it.

This comes after 4 of the last 6 most recent polls on impeachment show more opposition that support, the other 2 being a tie.

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