BREAKING: CNN Chooses Not to Air Coronavirus Task Force Briefing During Trump’s Intro

CNN chose not to air today’s Coronavirus task force briefing while Trump was speaking.

GOP rapid response director Steve Guest tweeted “How petty is CNN today? They’re not airing @realDonaldTrump‘s coronavirus press briefing.

Today’s briefing is especially important because President Trump, @Mike_Pence, Dr. Birx, and Dr. Fauci are explaining why the 15 days to slow the spread is being extended until April 30th.”

Ryan Saavedra tweeted:

CNN is now covering the press conference since the President of the United States is no longer talking

When Trump talks about certain news organizations being the “enemy of the people” this is what he is talking about

Some Democrats were happy with CNN’s decisions.

James Poniewozik wrote:

CNN not carrying Trump’s briefing live. Good for them. No one stopping them from covering, verifying & reporting news out of it if there is any.

MSNBC & Fox carrying; only CBS of the broadcast nets (in NYC).

This comes after Don Lemon was highly critical of Trump’s briefings, suggesting they are his new rallies.


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