BREAKING: Claudia Tenney announces her lead has grown in nail biter NY House Race

Monday, Claudia Tenney tweeted “I added 4 more votes today to bring the total to 126. Two of eight counties certifying so far.”

Tenney appears on the verge of victory in a nail biter NY-22 House race that has been undecided since election day.


Per “State Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte on Friday ruled against batches of dozens of votes that Democrat Anthony Brindisi hoped would count in the ongoing 22nd Congressional District.”

The report adds that “his ruling all but ensures that Republican Claudia Tenney has won the seat in the House of Representatives following a three-month ordeal that made the 22nd district the only undecided Congressional race in the country.”

Democrat Anthony Brindisi had hoped to keep his seat, but was dealt two brutal blows Friday.

Oneida County officials reported Tenney’s lead had grown by 93 votes after they reviewed more than 1,000 as-of-yet uncounted ballots for voters who applied to vote on time but were incorrectly left unregistered by Election Day.

In addition, State Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte ruled that he would not order counted several categories of votes that Brindisi’s attorneys challenged in hopes of erasing the deficit.

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